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Dr. Cameron Arnold
07 4779 4533
07 4779 4533
At 53 I noticed my teeth and smile were deteriorating rapidly. Through recommendations and several hours searching the internet I came across the Cosmetic Dentists of Australia web site and learnt how this group of dentists have all been trained at one of Americas Premier Dental Training Institutes, the Las Vegas Institute of advanced dental studies. I chose one of these CDA dentists to give me a New Smile makeover, and since then I have never smiled with so much confidence. My new smile changed my life…. I did it….. Why don’t you.?.


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Dr. Cameron Arnold
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Townsville-born Dr Cameron Arnold graduated from the University of Queensland in 1988. He has practised dentistry in Townsville since 1990, establishing Smile Dental in 1998.

Dr Arnold is highly regarded by his peers and patients alike for his extensive knowledge, advanced technical skills and his very gentle touch.

With a wide range of special interests and dental expertise, Dr Arnold provides full-mouth dental care. He has completed numerous advanced study programs in Australia, New Zealand and America, in fields such as laser dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. He has completed training in Advanced Dental Studies, both here and in America. He also regularly attends national and international dental conventions.

Dr Arnold is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is assisted at Smile Dental by Louise Church and Jane Olsen.

Apart from his passion for leading edge state-of-the-art dentistry, Dr Arnold's passions include food and wine, travel and family.

Dr Arnold is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines.

Australia’s Premium Dentists

The dentists listed in Leading Dentists of Australia are some of the most highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced dentists in the world.

There are few Australian dentists qualified in advanced Cosmetic and Neuromuscular dentistry from intensive hands on clinical training at the World.s leading dental Institute for Advanced Dental Studies based in the USA. LVI Global.

Whether its a simple filling or leading edge cosmetic dental work, selecting the right dentist is perhaps your most important decision

Cosmetic dentistry is not taught in dental school. While some dentists promote being a cosmetic dentist, dental procedures have the potential to change the structure and alignment of teeth and jaw which can cause problems now, or in the future.

The dentist you choose should be experienced in the principals of Neuromuscular dentistry. Today less than 1% of Australian dentists have received advanced post graduate courses in these skills.

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